Automotive industry

Within the automotive industry, we develop products or assembly components in cooperation with development suppliers. Currently, the product range is very heterogeneous, since we are producing products for different fields.

Interior equipment

  • Ventilation grille

    Colour injection moulding
  • Overhead bracket

    Injection moulding
  • Pillar lining

    Semi-finished product and component assembly
  • Luggage compartment lining

    Semi-finished product and component assembly
  • Seat

    GIT – gas injection technology in different colours
  • Rear wall lining

    Injection with an assembly of metal clamps and other components

External body parts

  • Supporting plate

    2C injection technology with component assembly
  • Housing

    Brake lights – 2C injection moulding
  • Light guide

    Thermoplastic injection moulding
  • Lenses

    PMMA or PC injection moulding

Products under the bonnet and other parts

  • Air guider

    2C-injection moulding in combination with metal component overmoulding
  • Battery mount

    Metal component overmoulding
  • Components

    Metal parts overmoulding
  • Bushing

    Injection moulding in combination with rubber coating and PUR-foam sealing